Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Fam

Part of being a modern day mountain man, hunter, fisherman, and outdoors man is also being a husband and father. Some of my favorite memories are from being in the outdoors with my family. I have gone on many trips where I am alone or with friends but the times I have my wife and daughter with me are the best.

My beautiful wife has yet to come on a hunting trip with me and doesn't completely understand why i would want to wake up in the wee hours of the morning, dress in camo and hike around in the mountains where there might be "bugs" and other things that move! My daughter on the other hand is my little mountain girl. She is a year and a half and loves everything that moves. she eats rocks, runs barefoot and says whasssaaat at every animal we see. She is too loud to take hunting right now but she always gets so excited to hop in the back carrier and head out hiking, trapping or fishing with dad.

I love my little family and hope that i can raise my little girl to love and respect the outdoors as much as i do. My wife will give in one of these days and put in for a elk tag and probably end up getting one bigger than I do.They are my two Most favorite girls in the world!

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